Digital Accessibility Consulting & Training

Access Changes Everything When Everyone Gets Access!

Access Changes Everything Inc. (ACE) is a Canadian digital accessibility consulting company. The head office is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Satellite offices are in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Sackville, New Brunswick. Even though we are Canadian, clients come from all over North America.

Lisa Snider is the Senior Consultant, Trainer and Owner of Access Changes Everything Inc. Since 1999, Lisa has worked on North American accessibility and access projects. She started ACE in 2016, and hasn’t looked back!

Work Focus

The focus of ACE is digital accessibility, helping make computers/devices, social media, websites, documents, audio, video, email, mobile apps, e-books, electronic signage, etc. more accessible for people with different disabilities.

This work also includes training, workshops, webinars and seminars on how to create accessible documents, emails, presentations, spreadsheets, Word templates, EPUBs, etc. in programs, such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, PDF, InDesign, EPUB, etc.

In this training, ACE focuses on the ‘how’ to make digital materials and media accessible, but also on the ‘why’, in terms of legislation and assistive technology, software, hardware, apps etc.

Accessibility Legislation and Standards

Lisa was the Chair of the Government of Manitoba’s Accessibility for Manitobans Act Information and Communications Standard Development Committee. She loves legislation!

Digital Accessibility Services

The digital accessibility services listed below are all related to making websites, emails, documents, social media content, mobile apps, audio, video, e-books, and electronic signage more accessible for people with different disabilities:

  • In person and online accessibility training, workshops, seminars, courses, webinars and educational materials.
  • In person and online seminars, talks and courses on assistive technologies, software, hardware, apps, etc. used today. This includes live and/or video demonstrations of different assistive technologies, provided by Lisa Snider, and/or by local demonstrators with different disabilities. Note: All in person work has been suspended for 2021.
  • Accessibility analysis, auditing and reports with standards, such as: WCAG 3.0 Draft, WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, Section 508 Refresh, PDF/UA-1, etc. ACE goes far beyond these standards, as they are only the beginning, not the end, or the full story!
  • In person, or remote, auditing done by Lisa Snider, and/or by local auditors with different disabilities, using different assistive technologies. Automated testing is also available.
  • Procurement consulting including Information and Communication Technologies (ITC) recommendations.
  • Accessibility remediation and remediation planning and scheduling.
  • Facilitation of accessibility related events.
  • Archival access and accessibility consulting.