Business Online Accessibility for Nova Scotians with Disabilities Survey

Survey Results Are In!

The Business Online Accessibility for Nova Scotians with Disabilities survey results are now available in PDF format and on the website. The sign language summary in video with captions will also be available very soon. When it is completed, it will be available on this page. If you need a different format, please contact Access Changes Everything Inc.


When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, most businesses in Nova Scotia had to shift online. In 2022, many of us get information, and buy things online, with businesses in Nova Scotia. We connect through websites, videos, podcasts, phone apps, email, social media, PDF documents, etc.

It is vital that online communication and information be accessible for the one in three Nova Scotians, who identify as having at least one disability.

The Survey Goal

Access Changes Everything Inc. created this survey, so you can share your experiences with these digital and online interactions. Have you:

  • Used a Nova Scotia business website?
  • Used a Nova Scotia business app on your phone?
  • Downloaded a PDF document related to a business in Nova Scotia?
  • Watched a local business related video?
  • Emailed a local business for information?
  • Accessed a local business’ social media posts?


The survey focuses on what barriers you have found, how they impacted your access, whether they prevented you from interacting or buying from local businesses, and what businesses in Nova Scotia have done well.

If are you an organization or individual supporting Nova Scotians with disabilities, we also want to hear from you.

The survey results will be shared through a public report on the Access Changes Everything Inc. website in early 2023.

The experiences shared, along with best practices, will be used to create a ‘Quick Start Guide to Digital Accessibility for Nova Scotia Businesses’. This will be given out for free to Nova Scotia businesses that are members of a Chamber of Commerce in Nova Scotia.

Survey Information and Link

The Business Online Accessibility for Nova Scotians with Disabilities Survey was located at SurveyMonkey. The survey had 9 questions. It was anonymous, and was up until 11:45 pm on December 20th, 2022.

There was an option of entering a draw for a limited supply of $10 gift cards sent through email. We removed this information from the survey results, so there was NO link to your feedback. We deleted this information after the draw.

Contact Information

Contact us at

Your Experiences Make Change

Thank you for sharing your lived experiences, and feedback. You helped businesses in Nova Scotia become more accessible online for Nova Scotians with disabilities.

Thank You

This project was made possible through the support of the Province of Nova Scotia. Access Changes Everything Inc. is pleased to work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians.

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