About ACE

Access Changes Everything

I am Lisa Snider, the Senior Digital Accessibility Specialist, Trainer and Owner of Access Changes Everything, a Canadian digital accessibility consulting company. This has been my favourite saying over the past few years.

Those three words sum up what I am passionate about: I want to help make the world barrier free, so that everyone can access information, no matter their ability. When barriers are removed, access changes everything for the person, society and the world.

Access(ibility) Changes Everything

Access(ibility) changes everything, because with it, I can help make the digital world barrier free for everyone.

I have been an accessibility advocate since 1999, an internationally recognized specialist in archival accessibility since 2010, and a well-known accessibility advocate on Twitter under the @archivesmatter Twitter handle. As well, in 2017 I became the Chair of the Government of Manitoba’s Information and Communications Standard Development Committee.

Since 1999, my passion has been to make the digital world more accessible for people with disabilities, and share my accessibility knowledge through training, workshops, facilitation and presentations to a wide variety of North American organizations, associations and institutions, including (most recently) the University of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg, Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Government of Manitoba departments and Crown Corporations. 

Over the past 18 years, I have specialized in digital accessibility in different contexts. I make websites, documents, audio, video, email, born digital materials, social media postings, apps and computers more accessible and usable for everyone. I provide in person, or remote, user testing with different assistive technologies, automated testing, accessibility audits, accessibility remediation, upgrading and creation work and archival access and accessibility consulting. I have done this work as a web developer, an archivist and now as a full time senior accessibility consultant in my company, Access Changes Everything (ACE). 

If you want to know more about my work and projects, there is a partial list of projects on the Recent Work page.

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